I am Cecilia, I was born in the north of Argentina, mother of 2 children, migrant and with an adventurous spirit. I have migrated first to Buenos Aires, then to London and currently, I am in Madrid. With each migration I have learned to let go, to take in the new and to trust in the flow of life, going through the difficulties that this process entails.

I am a psychologist and I have more than 15 years of experience in this career. I am passionate about my profession where I accompany people, couples or families who may be going through difficult times, conflicts, discomfort or insecurities, both personal and relational.

My goal is to guide and direct them to know themselves in depth, to understand better their ways of feeling, thinking, acting and bonding. When my patients manage to experience why they have developed these modes and how they express them on a physical, emotional, intellectually and relationally, they begin to recover their potential for a more authentic and full life.

To do this, I take into account three points:

1) the uniqueness of each human being, couple or family;
2) their current social and family contexts;
3) the family systems they come from.

Also, I think it is very important to pay attention to the manifestations of the body and trust in its self-regulation, respecting the times that each person needs to make contact with what is most difficult for them.

A great quality that characterizes me is my high degree of empathy and sensitivity, which helps my patients feel in a safe and comfortable space, to open themselves to connecting with more painful situations. My authentic and spontaneous way of being and communicating also helps them accept pain in a more compassionate and human way.

On the other hand, from my way of being, I have a great capacity for integration, synthesis and organization that makes it easier for my patients to organize themselves, have greater clarity and be able to focus on what is essential at each moment.

Finally, I want to tell you that my academic career has been very broad and integrative of different currents and knowledge (see my CV). It was based on theory and experience, so I have experienced everything studied in my own person. On the other hand, I am always constantly training new knowledge and participating in supervision groups where with colleagues we rethink our professional practice.