It consists of a personal space, whether virtual or in-person, where we CO-CREATE the necessary conditions of care and security, which allow you to listen to yourself, connect with yourself and move towards your personal growth and transformation. In this space we can work on:

  • Fears, anxieties, anger, sadness, anxieties, feelings of loneliness and emptiness;
  • Grief and migration processes;
  • Identity or vocational conflicts;
  • Difficulties in interpersonal relationships;
  • Phobic symptoms, panic attacks, obsessions;
  • Traumatic situations;
  • Highly sensitive personalities.

Among other problems that may arise in the same therapy.


It is a space for the couple, which can be both virtual and in-person, where we will work on everything that involves the couple's relationship exclusively, and not on the personal issues of each of the members. Starting from the fact that in the couple both are responsible for what happens at the relational level, we will review the bonding pattern and the responsibility of each person in its construction. The problems that we can work on, among others that may arise in the process, are:

  • Problems in communication, in agreeing and integrating differences;
  • Situations of competition, power struggle, jealousy;
  • Routinization in the relationship;
  • Difficulties in the couple when they become parents;
  • The construction of new forms of couple;
  • In multicultural couples, any conflict that comes from cultural differences.

It is a virtual or in-person space for the family, understood as a whole, where we will review family dynamics. We assume that the whole is more than the sum of the parts and that what happens to one part influences the others. In this type of therapies, we review topics such as:

  • The places and roles that each member occupies in the family system,
  • The meaning and meaning that the symptom of one of its members brings to the entire system,
  • The different stages in raising children,
  • Migration, mourning or change processes,
  • Ways of relating and communicating within the family,
  • The expansion of vision and construction of new types of family.