Working Methodology


A first interview where the objective is to get to know each other, have a first approximation to the reason for the consultation, and inform them of the modality of my work, clearing up any doubts that may arise. If in this interview we believe that we can work together, we agree on a day, time and fees to begin a trial period.

trial period

The trial period consists of three sessions, once a week, where we begin to build the psychologist-patient relationship and get to know each other more in depth. These first encounters will allow us to realize how we feel, both the patient with the therapist, and the therapist with the patient. If both parties consider that the space is constructive, we move on to the psychotherapeutic process.


The psychotherapeutic process is a co-construction between both parties, patient and therapist, and is unique to each case and each moment of the process. My patients always have the possibility of deciding how far they want to work on each problem that worries them; I help them to be responsible for their decisions and become actors in their own lives.

Regarding the cost of the sessions, I work with the “flexibility in fees” modality, which consists of agreeing on a sustainable value for the patient according to their economic income and, acceptable to the therapist within a price range and taking into account the standard price of a session in each city.


“Cecilia is a great professional. Thanks to your help, I have managed to feel better about myself and manage my emotions more effectively. I am truly very grateful to him for everything he has done and continues to do for me.”


“Cecilia has been a fundamental pillar in my adaptation process after emigrating from Argentina. Your understanding, guidance, and constant support have helped me cope with the emotional challenges of this transition. I am very grateful for your professionalism and warmth.”


“With Cecilia it was the first time I was able to have therapy and encouraged me to connect with my emotions. Being a man and coming from a culture where men have to be strong, Cecilia helped me feel my vulnerability.

I like to continue working with her where I find a space for listening, which helps me question myself and be able to draw my own conclusions.”


“Working with Cecilia has been a rewarding journey of self-discovery, healing and personal growth.

Cecilia has helped me reassess my relationships with myself and my family from a more mature, healthier perspective and has helped me strengthen my relationship with my partner.

Thanks to her, I have learnt a great deal about myself - and there is still more to learn - and about the importance of keeping an open mind and be present in the moment as we go through life.

Our sessions are a safe space where I can unburden myself and express freely. Cecilia is empathetic, patient, easy to talk to and brings clarity during challenging moments. She takes a holistic approach that occasionally includes mindfulness practices if needed, bringing new perspectives to our sessions.”

Beatriz & Mark

“It´s our first time we did couple therapy and it´s being an amazing experience. Cecilia helped us to see each other in a different way, to have a better communication between us and respect our differences. Now we can understand better each other and be more compassionate with the other.”


“Cecilia was a great help to me when I lived in Buenos Aires. It helped me overcome the situation I was going through at that time. Although my therapy with her ended, when I feel that I need to address a specific issue I turn to her again.

What I liked most about her is how she looks at problems in a more natural way. He taught me to think differently and not make so much trouble about everything.”.